Sony Actually Spend Money On Marketing

After Kaz Hirai was open about the PS3’s “Identity problem” (see here), Sony has announced a £82million European marketing budget. The focus will be to promote the redesigned PS3, its new price point and, more importantly, the features and capabilities of the device. According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe UK marketing chief, Alan Duncan, the advertising push will showcase various abilities of the PS3 including the BBC iPlayer support and playing online over the PlayStation Network.


VidZone and BluRay movies also get a mention in the brand new 30 second TV spot. Furthermore, the adverts have a lovely new direction, moving away from the weird and overly convoluted adverts of the past and focusing on what makes the PS3 stand out. Perhaps we will be able to understand them now! Of the £82 million, £6 million will be for the UK. The fruits of Sony’s labour, developed in collaboration with agency TBWA London (and shown in the link below), are expected to air on British television tonight.

See the advert at The Guardian, here.