Shadow Complex A Bestseller

Shadow ComplexIn news that is hardly surprising, but still nice to hear, Shadow Complex has been officially confirmed as having the best ever first-week sales for a single player game on Xbox Live Arcade. Epic Games and Chair released information, which was confirmed by Microsoft, showing that the game shifted more than 200,000 copies in its first week. Apparently this figure “exceeded sales expectations”, something which I don’t doubt. I’m sure they expected the game to sell well, but I doubt many developers expect their title to break sales records.


The news won’t have come as a shock to many reviewers, with the game recieving a 9 from our own review and averaging 89 on Metacritic, but I’m happy to see this game do as well with the public as it has with the games media. Hopefully these more than encouraging figures will lead on to a sequel to the game. Given that this is one of only two titles I own on XBLA (it’s not the line-up, I’m just poor) they’d almost certainly get some of my space-bucks for another title.

Source: Gamasutra