GW: Strive to Achieve

Following on from the recently reinvigorated Killzone 2 Boot Camps and in-keeping with our desire to make our community gaming as social and inclusive as possible, we have a story from one of our clan’s leading members, Roynaldo, about his rise up the ranks and what it means to him. He also invites you to join the fun by entering the TSA Boot Camps, details of which are on our forums.


This is the story of a young boy (27…Shush!) who’s one dream in life was to finally be good at an FPS game. Upon purchase of Killzone 2 and from the very first time I put it in my Big Black Box I was hooked. Hours and hours were spent doing the campaign, seeking trophies and having eye-watering moments in the process, but that isn’t what I am to here write about.

After noticing the Killzone forums on TSA I thought I would take a look and see what all the guys were up to. Never playing Killzone online thus far I found it all too daunting to enter a Boot match and see things like flying bots and nothing short of stunning personal scores at the end of the match. I have to admit, at that time I never thought I would join these guys again because the gulf in class was quite overwhelming at the time. But being the competitive person that I am I spent a whole week playing nothing but Killzone morning, noon and night, gaining the ranks and the unlockable skills through ribbons and badges.

Once this week was over I had what can only be described as a “gaming injury” due to sheer overuse of the control pad. Repetitive cramps in the base of my left thumb which then forced my short term retirement from the game until I had recovered full mobility. Upon return to the game I realised it was time, time to show the clan just what the past week has done to me. At this point I had fairly regularly played the boots but now I was ready to join the big boys in the seamless teamwork that is now so regular and tight I almost take it for granted.

So here I was, on Helghan, with the seasoned pros of the game ready to strut my stuff, with my name down on the Killzone Clan application thread. Every single day I showed up learning new skills and making new friends having a good laugh, albeit cursing at C4 in the process- I’m looking at you matty1209.

Within 2 weeks of my regular Boot attendances my application was accepted. The smile from that day could not be wiped off if you had slapped me upside the head….with a brick. My hard work and commitment to the cause had payed off and all was good in the world of Mr Roy. That smile was gone however the next day when it was decided my first clan match was to be a 2 vs 2 on the all-too-common Radec Academy map with Vandix, one of the above mentioned seasoned pros of the game. My heart thumping at an extraordinary rate watching the clock tick down was the longest 10 minutes of my life. Once started we had a good sense of teamwork between us, with hardly a foot put wrong throughout, the match was won and the same for the final also. Good times again, in my first match came my first wins.

As many maturing people will now know, good things don’t last forever. The more I played the better our opposition became, at one point I believe losing up to 8 or 9 matches in a row was, as you can imagine, a very sore point in my Killzone dream. Not to be floored though I persisted and came to my senses and made a position almost my own in the form of Tactician, the main class that I use to this very day, almost 3 months later!

And then it happened the day I had wished for arrived, as my performances became better and better and after one very special match, I was granted officership within the clan. Now as the months and weeks go by, gaining more Playstation buddies and some that have even turned into friendships, the clan is still going strong.

What more could you wish for in return for £39.99. I can think of nothing that could come close (Maybe £40 worth of Durex with a guaranteed use for them… but that’s another story).  I urge all readers to give our Bootcamps a run out, and if you feel overwhelmed like I did, just read this again. Practice makes perfect people, I am living proof of that.

For anybody who wants to be featured as a Guest Writer (and score a massive 250 TSA points) the address to send your entries is peter[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com with TSAGuest in the subject line.