Trophy World 03/09/09

Trophy World is a new regular feature from TSA as we now have a Trophy Co-Ordinator looking after our trophy forums and keeping his finger on the pulse of everything in the world of PlayStation 3 Trophies. Each week Zuler will be keeping you up to date with what’s been happening in the TSA trophy forum and also any interesting bits of news or rumours he’s heard surrounding trophies. So without further ado I’ll pass you across to the man himself…



Hi everyone! With my appointment as Trophy Co-ordinator, I’ll be doing a weekly round-up post of all things trophy-related, starting today. This new feature is especially for those who may have missed something during the week, and looking below I can see why. This week saw a simply epic amount of trophy lists, and here they are for your enjoyment!

Highlights of this week are easily the Brutal Legend, Guitar Hero 5 and Need For Speed Shift lists. Brutal Legend simply has awesome sauce all over it, and what with the ridiculous amount of Metal references, you should buy a console just for this if you’re a fan of the genre. Guitar Hero 5 is the actual successor to Guitar Hero: World Tour, and touts the ability to have 4 of any instument playing at the same time. Imagine a party with 4 drummers playing together! Need for Speed Shift is taking a more realistic direction from it’s previous titles and looks like it has what it takes to rejuvenate the franchise.

While keeping up-to-date on the latest trophy news myself, I found a few tidbits of information definitely worth mentioning. First off, David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream and Producer on Heavy Rain, the PS3-exclusive thriller, has been discouraging people from playing the game more than once to keep the experience fresh. While I’m sure pretty much no one will be doing that, this would mean that the Platinum trophy should be easily attainable in one playthrough. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trophy list just ended up being ‘Complete Scene 1’, ‘Complete Scene 2’, etc. I recall him saying in an interview that the trophies will be built with the intention of ‘adding to the experience’. Since the game is treading new ground itself,  it’s definitely possible if they do something completely unique with their list. As always, stay tuned for the list here on TSA closer to its release date next year.

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard about this by now, God of War I and II are coming to the PS3 in the form of one Blu-Ray disc. The games will boast a resolution of 720P running at 60 frames per second. But I feel the best part is that it will have trophy support! This will technically be the first PS2 game remade to have trophies, and in an interview with IGN, they asked John Hight, the director of product development at Sony Santa Monica Studio, if the trophies were being included for each game seperately. John Hight’s response was a tentative yes:

Yes, yes it is. We actually got the OK from our network platform guys to give us… essentially we’re getting double the amount of Trophies because we have two games on one disc.

When pushed as to whether this mean there would be two platinum Trophies John responded with:

I haven’t looked at the final list, but I would say “probably”.

I’d be utterly flabbergasted if it didn’t include two platinums, and for the price of $40, it’s 2 platinums for the price of two-thirds of one. Sadly, no plans to bring it over here to Europe, for this year at least.

Next, the last interview of Gamescom done by the European Playstation Blog was none other than one of my most anticipated titles, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. When asked about the trophies in the game, Greg Phillips, the game’s producer, replied that Insomniac already have an advantage, as they have a ‘Skill Points’ system in all of their Ratchet games, which involved doing particular tasks, some of which were the least bit easy. It’s rather obvious that you’ll need to get some (if not all) skill points to get some of the trophies. Also, the new concept of small Moons where completing the challenge would reward the player with a Zoni, all of which are needed to unlock the Uber boss fight, which also has a trophy related to beating him, I hardly think anymore that this game will be an easy ‘plat’.

Well, that’s all from me. See you next week everyone!