TedTheDog Steps Down

TedTheDog, username for Ben, Home Community Manager in the EU, announced he was moving on from Sony this week on the Official EU PlayStation Forum. Ben had become one of the most popular Home staff members amongst the community, being the most open when approaching angry forum posters, grabbing himself a high volume of kudos for every post he made. Where other members of staff hid in the shadows, TedTheDog took any major issues head-on, and played a fundamental role in keeping the peace between the PlayStation Home community and the creators.

Having found himself a wife in July, it’s understandable that the current workload may be putting too much pressure on his new life. There also seemed to be a little unrest amongst the other Home staff members across the pond at his revealing information early, and another staff member came to the SCEE forum a few months back with a rather stuck up message to tell us not to expect any prior message about updates. From what we know however, this has nothing to do with Ted’s leaving message weeks later.


So that’s it from the most open Home staff member in the EU. Let’s hope someone else fills his shoes quickly, or we could soon be back to the stone age with lack of communication between the Home community and Home dev team – which was definitely not the premise suggested in Home’s showcase at 2007’s E3 conference. Here’s his message from the EU forum:

Hi all,

After 6 years at SCEE and 2+ years working on the Home service I’ve decided that it’s time to move on and seek new challenges.

Anyway, I just wanted to say goodbye to you all and wish you all the best.



Source: Official EU PlayStation Forum