Uncharted, Motorstorm and Halo On Your PC

Lunchtimes may never be the same again if Spawn Labs have their way. Tiresome flash-based games will be banished in favour of Uncharted 2 running at 720P on your desktop PC. Sounds good doesn’t it? Must be one of those far-fetched streaming technologies that are going to be in Beta for the whole of 2010 and that most people will never see in person? Wrong. This is going live to the public in November 2009.  That’s live, to everyone (at least in the US), in a couple of months.

Spawn HD-720 is a nifty box of hardware that connects to your PS3, Xbox or PC and spurts (that is a technical term) the audio and visual data out to the internet and on to wherever you may be logged in. Connect a game pad to the remote PC and you’re ready to play. The quality of the service depends on your broadband speed with Spawn Labs recommending at least 2mbps to get Drake running about in full 720P, or around 5mbps if you are going to be watching a Blu-ray movie.



Pricing is $199.95 for the Spawn box itself and then you will need an extra $29.95 for a game pad adaptor but this is a one off price, there are no subscription fees. You may have gathered from the pricing this product is American in origin and sadly they can only ship to U.S. addresses at the moment.

What is interesting is this, “Your friends can simply download and install the Spawn Player software free of charge, and play with you on your console using a normal broadband Internet connection.” In other words, multiplayer games such as Burn Zombie Burn will work. There is nothing stopping you sending your lovely wife / girlfriend / partner/ dog / grandmother (delete where applicable) the Spawn player software so after you have finished your gaming, they can then log on and watch some Peter Andre videos via Vidzone.

Spawn HD-720 launches in November and I will keeping a close eye on what the first users think of it and report back. It sounds like the ideal solution – remote gaming akin to OnLive with the added convenience of having a games console stashed under the TV in case your internet connection fails (again). One final note: Spawn will stream from Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and even the Gamecube, however to run Spawn player you will need a Windows PC. No Mac support yet.