Sony’s New Smartphone Includes PS4 Remote Play

Sony took to the stage during today’s IFA technology showcase in Berlin to unveil their new wearable tech and Z3 Smartphone – the latter of which touts a wide array of fancy features, including, perhaps most notably for us – PlayStation Remote Play.

I know what you’re thinking; The Z3 doesn’t feature any sticks or physical buttons, this won’t work. You’re probably right. Sony have got you covered however, with the somewhat cumbersome DualShock 4 controller mount seen below.



So, if you fancy shelling out the cost of a PS4 all over again (and then some) to play DriveClub on the loo, you’ll be wanting to pick up a Z3 – or it’s tablet counterpart – later this year. Sony say they have no plans to bring the Remote Play service to any other mobile handsets.

Personally, I don’t see this taking off, but it’s unnerving that Sony are investing in the idea at all, given that the Vita’s positioning as a companion app is such a big selling point for PS4 owners right now, and remote play being it’s major USP.

Source: CVG.



  1. Sony do stuff that doesn’t really come off every so often. The playstation mobile phone and TV with integrated ps3 to name a couple.

  2. The cost of new smart phones is ridiculous so I’ll be sticking with my Vita.

  3. I did promise myself the Xperia z2 tablet but never got round to it. So I might just get z3 tablet compact. £350 is what Sony have it on their UK website. Vita’s remote play does grate me that there isn’t full R2 and L2 buttons alone, as well R3 and L3 buttons. I just wonder the way that it feels in hand. Would there weight issues. I know it’s will be light but may feel unbalanced still maybe. I hope TSA does some reviews of this closer to release.

    • I went and preordered me a Z3 tablet compact today. It’s £329 BTW.

  4. I find it slightly annoying that there’s likely nothing stopping them from releasing this on most of their devices, except wanting to sell new ones.

  5. This actually seems a pretty cool idea!

    Up until now I only use my ‘now getting on a bit’ iPhone 4 for phone calls, checking my email, browsing the web and as an MP3 player so I haven’t bothered updating it as I couldn’t give a damn about the camera upgrades & social media b*ll*cks which I don’t use.

    I may now see if I can find a decent deal with this as I don’t mind leaving a DS4 at work and if the wifi & internet connections from home to work are good enough I can sit down and play my PS4 at my desk. Sweet.

    • Jesus, where do you work?! Lol

      • I’m not telling you now in fear of you trying to steal my job!
        In all fairness, one week I can be ridiculously busy, then another week not, so as long as I get the job done things can be quite relaxed. ;)

      • Also worth telling you d-o-d that this will only work over the same wireless network. As it will use the Bluetooth on DS4 to turn on Ps4. So I can’t see it working different network remote play. Sony state it quite clear on their YouTube clip. Sorry I can’t supply link but just a quick Google will get you there.

      • Just found out how to do it on chrome

        I think that’s the one I was looking for.

      • Aah, didn’t realise that! Cheers.

      • Apparently according to a T3 YouTube video you can use remote play on different WiFi signals. Sony just don’t recommend it. D-O-D sorry for the incorrect advice.

  6. Weird, why not just push the Vita? Push push push, drop the price, push some more, sell a billion Vitas, restart the AAA game factory and make everyone super happy! I’m writing the comment from the loo by the way, anyone else doing the same?

  7. I just wish they’d get us a pc and Mac client. Remote play at work would be awsome :-)
    And hurry up with the playstation tv already.

    • Did you try the PS3 remote play on windows? Full of promise, sadly mucho disappointing!

    • That would be awesome but I don’t think I’d ever get any work done. I’d also have to convince certain people that the DS4 is some new design Mac Mouse & get blinkers on my screen.

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