Where Are They Now: Billy the Blockade


It was way back in 1978 that the world first came to learn of a thing called ‘Space Invaders’. The concept was simple; save the world from fleets of aliens as they attempt to breach your defences and ultimately, take over Earth. The game became a global phenomenon, putting video games and the gaming industry on the map. It even caused a shortage of 100 Yen coins in its native country. To date, Space Invaders has earned its developers over $500 Million. Not only that, but the game, the graphics, the music and the sound effects have all firmly fixed themselves into Pop culture. But what about the unsung heroes? What about Billy the Blockade?

At the age of 12, Billy had two career avenues to choose from. 1) Take part in project ‘Space Invaders’ or 2) Take part in project ‘Berlin Wall’. One was promising to be historical and the other had been standing strong for a few years already. But, due to his age, the choice was made for him; you had to be over 18 to join the Berlin Wall. So Billy joined team ‘Space Invaders’ and has never looked back since. After spending many years standing strong and protecting our gunship (not to mention taking copious amounts of friendly fire), Billy had to move on to allow for fresh, more visually advanced blockades. But the fame and respect he had earned from the game was far too strong to let him fade away into obscurity.


Upon leaving Space Invaders, Billy was inundated with offers. Mainly for small bit-parts in movies and TV shows. He accepted a couple but this wasn’t his passion. He still pined for the retro game that gave him his start in life. But, Billy was sensible and realised that times change and he would need to focus on something else. In 1989, when he heard that the Berlin Wall was due to come down, he visited Germany to show solidarity to his fellow blocks. It was here that he met Beatrice. She fell from the wall with such grace that he couldn’t help but fall in love, and after she learned of Billy’s past, the pair became inseparable. The First Couple of blockades. They went on to have 18 children or ‘Bricks’.

You’ll be pleased to hear that all are doing well and that Billy still regularly receives fan mail and presents from adoring, yet grateful people. The Bricks are now fully fledged blockades and are trying to keep the name of their father alive by commissioning hundreds of flash-based Space Invader rip offs. Billy and his wife have written a self-help best-seller called ‘How to block out negativity’ and their charity Christmas single ‘Aide for Blockades’ went straight to number one, earning well over £67 for dilapidated walls in and around Glasgow.

Billy the Blockade: We salute you, and, we thank you.