GT5 Damage Video

If I wanted to wreck a car, I’d plunge it nose first into a perpendicular wall, not one that’s rounded by a convenient barrier that’s designed to minimise damage – sadly, it’s the latter that these guys did when testing out GT5’s improved damage modeling at the Paris Game Festival. Still, at the end of 3 or so minutes of them trying to wreck the Ford Focus Impreza STi (and having to put up with that ridiculous mistreatment of Prodigy’s Voodoo People) you can clearly see that there’s at least damage to the front and rear bumper and that driver’s going to get rather drafty come the Winter.


An interesting experiment, then, but not one that was terribly successful.  The game’s clearly not going to offer up DiRT 2 levels of damage and, at this stage at least, still seems to have a couple of bugs regarding which bit of roadside should be stuck in front of other bits.  Regardless, Gran Turismo 5 will still be one hell of a game, especially given we’ll finally have a reason for collecting all those cars in Gran Turismo PSP – as far as we can tell there’s one little button in the option screen that when you click it it’ll transfer – oh – we’ve said too much.  GT5 is due soon.