UK PS3/360 Chart: Week ending 19th Sept

Well we are back to the charts again to see what has been making waves and distracting you from your cash. Remember, these charts are for full price games only. We are fairly confident that games bundled with consoles from places such as GAME & HMV etc do count towards the chart but you can’t quote us on that! So let’s see if Batman has grappled on for another week.

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 19th September:


Well the short answer is no! Batman has slipped with rival racing games NFS: Shift and Colin Macrae: DiRT 2 taking up the top two spaces. The caped crusader is still sitting comfortably at number 3 however, but this weeks second highest new entry is WET at number 5. By the way, you can read TSA’s review of WET here. Astonishingly CoD: MW has stayed in the charts but CoD: WAW has dropped out of the top 10. People must be preparing for MW2. Even more astonishingly is CoJ: Bound in Blood has not only hung on in there, also managed to move up the chart to #9!


PS3 Chart 19sept

UK 360 Chart: Week ending 19th September:

The top spots are occupied in a similar fashion to the PS3 chart showing that people can’t get enough four-wheeled action. WET also joins the chart at number 5 and the story of CoD is also the same on 360.

360Chart 19sept

It’s sad to see that not a single ‘exclusive’ game resides on the chart, however, come October/November time, this will all change.