No Charges for Distributing PSP Minis

Thanks to some investigative work from people with far more knowledge than me (Alex) we have a PDF document which lists the terms and processes for developers hoping to take advantage of the new “Minis” which will soon be nestling in their very own section on the PSP PlayStation Store.

Most interestingly is the fact that the document, accessible during the sign up process as a Minis developer, states that there are no bandwidth charges for distributing your software via the PSN Store. With the PSP Development Kit being massively reduced in cost and the bite-sized nature of the sub-100MB Minis this is another great positive fro those wanting to get into the market. The PDF (which is publicly available, we’re not leaking anything here) also states that the Quality Assurance process will be fast-tracked and transparent for developers. It really seems like Sony are doing everything in their power to make sure that Minis are the perfect handheld distraction. The pertinent part is reproduced below for those of you who don’t want to navigate all the way through a developer’s sign up page:


SCEE offers favourable business terms to minis publishers and developers.

  • Competitive business model
  • Revenue realised on a monthly basis
  • No penalties for minimum sales
  • No quota on number of games released on PlayStation®Store
  • Publisher retains control of release dates
  • No bandwidth charges

With the new, lower priced, PSP devkit this is very tempting for would-be developers indeed.

Source: Developer Sign Up Page