Halo: ODST Has Outsold Killzone 2, Already

We’ll be honest, this is something of a shock, but apparently Halo: ODST, the Earth-based prequel, has already outsold the PS3’s flagship first person shooter Killzone 2. Estimates (and we stress that word) put American sales of Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 2 up at around 2 million copies, but today Loot Ninja is reporting that sales of ODST are already above that, after just one day, although again the figures are from VGChartz and as such should be taken as an estimate.


Regardless, the figures over at Bungie show a hugely impressive number of players today at almost a million worldwide at the time of writing – it’s not clear whether that’s online-only game mode players and obviously doesn’t include the many Xbox 360 gamers not connected to Live so could potentially be many more.  If this is true this is one hell of a coup for Microsoft and Bungie and comes on the back of a similarly impressive (currently 84%) set of Metacritic scores.