Top Gear Track Spotted in Gran Turismo?

This has been rumoured for ages, but – could it be? Well, it appears so – an eagle-eyed GT fan on NeoGAF has brought something to our attention – in an article on (you’ll need to be able to read French) we have been treated to some photos from the Polyphony Digital team.

Whilst we wait on Gameblog’s video of the trip to the studio, one of the photos that has materialised from all of this is this one:

Now, we may be way off of the mark here and of course it may not be anything to do with Top Gear after all – but that does look remarkably like one of the buildings residing on the Top Gear test track. Don’t believe me, well let’s just have a look at the same spot on Google Maps, shall we?


What do you reckon, and more importantly, how many cups does one person need? Seriously, even a tea or coffee wouldn’t require that many paper cups!