UK PS3/360 Charts: Week ending 3rd Oct

Another week and another set of charts to analyse and ponder. 3 new entries, not a single Beatle in sight and Footballers defeat Troopers. Who’d have thought?

UK PS3 Chart: Week Ending 3rd October:


It is no surprise whatsoever that the latest Fifa game is king of the pile this week; apparently the ability to dribble more freely has you all very excited. In our latest episode of ‘Batman Watch’, we can see that he has slid to third (again) but he still holding his own. Come on Batman! Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2 is straight in at number 4, pushing everything else out of sync. GTA 4’s appearence last week was a short one and the Call of Duty madness continues. It is worth noting that CoD: MW is sitting just outside at number 11.


PS3 Chart 0310

UK 360 Chart: Week Ending 3rd October:

Much to my surprise, even though I knew Fifa 10 was coming, ODST has not managed a second week at the top; I really thought it would but I admit, I was wrong. Does this mean you just love football too much, or could it mean ODST doesn’t have the Halo clout? The XBox’s second new entry is ‘Risen’, in at number 9, and Call of Duty: MW rounds up the 360 chart.

360 Chart 0310

Source: Chart Track