Trophy World 08/10/09


Welcome back dear readers of TSA! This week was simply brilliant for trophies, the best week in the entire year till now. Why? Some of the most anticipated lists have been revealed, and I’m sure you will agree that these are big ones! I’ll stop babbling now and let you gaze at the magnificence below:


The aforementioned magnificence comes from none other than the lists of EyePet, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time and the one and only Modern Warfare 2! EyePet is the ultra-cute game from Sony, where you use a PS Eye to interact with a lovable virtual pet. You can read Nofi’s recent hands-on of the game here. The list looks like it should be easy pickings here, and a quick platinum to boost your trophy score, unless the ‘challenges’ are actually challenging, which I highly doubt. Still, at least they put some creativity in the list, as seen with most first-party games, with a recent exception coming to mind. I’m sadly looking at you Uncharted 2…


Ratchet and Clank. The name brings back some of the best experiences I’ve ever had on the PS2, and easily one of the best first-party franchise Sony have under it’s belt. The utter mention of any news makes me beam with happiness. So you can imagine my delight when I had the pleasure of looking at the trophy list of the first game in the franchise to include them. The non-hidden trophies are pretty generic, but like Fallout it looks like you will be made to try out what the game has to offer. I’m actually more interested in those secrets, as I know for sure that Insomniac have been intelligent enough to hide the spoilerific ones. Without a doubt most of them will be to defeat so and so bosses, especially that final secret uber-boss only unlockable by collecting all the Zoni. I can’t wait to finally find out what’s going to be happening with both Ratchet and Clank, and eagerly await the end of the month.

Lastly, we have the game that promises to be the biggest entertainment launch in history, Mordern Warfare 2. This game certainly needs no introduction, and I know without question that this game will sell at least a trillion copies. The list looks rather good, with a lot of similarities to the trophies of World at War. One noticeable exception though is that the ‘Complete xxx on Veteran’ trophies are silver this time round, and the whole list has the most bronze value I have come across, with all the trophies (not counting the platinum) totalling to 73 bronze trophies, with most games usually having around 70 bronze trophies in value. The Special Ops trophies look like they can be a challenge, so should be a fun ride come November.

Sadly, I don’t have any rumours to comment on this week, so I’ll finish off with my favourite trophy this week:

Ratchet & Clank: ACiT/Gold
Q-Force Champion
Complete the game on Hard.

Quest of Booty was the first game in the series to include difficulty levels, and Insomniac have stated that the Normal mode of the game will be tougher than Tools of Destruction, so I can’t wait to try hard. For some reason you get motivated to attain the platinum of a game that is fantastic and provides a challenge, Killzone 2 being a recent example. I struggled with the last level on Elite, but was determined to see that last, oh-so satisfying ping after killing Radec. I finally did it that one day, and still regard it as my most proudest achievement. See you folks next week!