Killzone 3 Coming Next Year?

The last time we mentioned Killzone 3 the story was quickly pulled amidst threats of violence from several high ranking Helghast officers. Interesting, then, that the Official PlayStation Magazine wasn’t bothered about such retribution when they published their own rumour this month in the mag. According to rumours floating around the web on page twenty of the latest issue is this snippet:

“Insider slips reveal three big names you can already pencil for the next year. Killzone 3 is reportedly deep in development, Insomniac’s Full Moon Show podcast hints at a project we can only conclude is Resistance 3, and a Treyarch employee’s online [sic] mentions a Call of Duty: World at World [sic] sequel.”


Deep in development, eh? Well, ignoring the Resistance 3 stuff which we’ve already covered (and the World at War sequel is as certain as getting cut up by stupid drivers in the morning) this places the game probably towards the end of 2010, in around 12 months. If Killzone 3 uses the same engine then it’s really only story stuff they need to work on (much like Halo 3: ODST’s development) which is entirely possible.