Smackdown Vs Raw Storyline Create Mode

So earlier I asked what you would like to see in terms of video content from TheSixthAxis. We’ve had some really good responses which we are taking note of to see which is most likely to fast-track me to fame and fortune be fun and entertaining.

In the meantime you’ve got me talking over a video I made of WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010’s new Storyline Create Mode. I can’t say much about whether I like the game because the review scores are under embargo until tomorrow when we will, of course, publish our full review. Until that time, whet your appetite with this… Enjoy!


I would like to personally thank Alex, Lewis, Kris, Davs and Chris from TheSixthAxis for listening to me complain about how hard this was to figure out and putting up with my constant need for reassurance. I’d also like to thank Hodgi92 for his general video advice and Colinbarr66 for his general wrestling-expert advice. Then I’d like to thank Jesus, my parents and all the fans. Because that’s what people do in these kind of speeches.