PSN Copy & Paste From Xbox?

Picture the scene: It’s late on a Friday evening, I’ve spent the afternoon talking sarcastically over trailers for games in an effort to amuse people. There may or may not have been some alcoholic beverages imbibed.

So I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to have a look on the PSN for some high quality game videos to use in some as-yet unimagined video production. I found a little title called Nier which I had heard of briefly during E3 but had since slipped out of memory. So I hit the little button to download said video and when the information screen popped up I thought I’d have a little read, just to whet my appetite.


Imagine my surprise when I read the following sentence (which is actually just a part of a weirdly long sentence full of commas where it should have full stops), right there on the PlayStation Network Store.

Nier will truly be Square Enix’s arrival on the 360

I think I may have actually done a comedy double-take. I definitely re-read the sentence three or four times to try to work out the context because I was sure that I must be misunderstanding it. I don’t think I am though, it looks to me like whoever enters the information text for this video copied and pasted the text directly from… well, I don’t know where because at the time of writing I can’t seem to find that particular line of text anywhere.

Here’s some photos I grabbed with my phone. More to prove to myself that I wasn’t hallucinating really…