Podcast: Third Party E3 2015 Special

Drawing things to a close.

Nier Developer Cavia Closes

Grimoire Weiss is not impressed.

New Nier DLC Offers Sex Change

Square Enix ask Glen or Glenda?


If it’s more fish, we’ll pass.

Review: NIER

Square Enix reinvent the bloody wheel.

NieR Topples Mario In Japan

But which NieR managed to best the plumber?

First Level: Nier

Square Enix go all shouty.


Team working hard for your cash.

First Nier Comic Available For Free

Comic tie-in for the grand price of nada.

ESRB Rates Nier, Quotes Deep Cleavage

She-males, impaling and sh*t hogs also feature.

PSN Copy & Paste From Xbox?

I question my own sanity and then realise it should be Sony’s I’m questioning.

News Snatch : Pizza & Cake

More ‘news’ from down the back of the internet. Today : Burn Zombie Burn, Silent Hill and more Sideshow Bob Kotick.

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