The ‘Father Of Playstation’ Working On Cloud Computing?


The former boss of Sony is rumoured to be working on new Cloud Computing technology. Ken Kutaragi, who ran Sony until 2007, has started a new company called Cyber AI Entertainment Inc in partnership with former Sony engineer – Takashi Usuki. I say ‘partnership’, but Kutaragi owns 90% of the company whilst the other 10% belongs to Usuki.

The new company’s main focus is to work on online network operations. Kutaragi explains:

We’ll initially focus on research and development relating to information processing, targeting cutting-edge networking operations

But, apparently, he has also said that they will be working on advanced platforms of entertainment. Many people believe that this new platform is a Cloud service.

If you are unaware, Cloud computing – such as OnLive – is a service whereby people will be able to stream games and media straight to their computer, negating the need for various pieces of hardware, packaging and physical distributors. Depending on how well Cloud-based technology will work, this could become a massive market in the future.

There is no word from Kutaragi or Usuki as to whether this is the case. They could always have something else up their sleeve. It’s easy to speculate, but what with Cloud computing becoming of more interest to consumers; and with Kutaragi being such a knowledgeable and well-expericened gentlemen within the field, it will be interesting to see what he turns his hand to next.

Source: Nikkei via Gamasutra