Co-op in God of War III?

Remember ages ago when everyone thought that God of War III would have either co-op or an online mode? Then remember when Sony confirmed that there would not be any online modes? Then can you also remember when they said that it would be good to have some DLC in the form of Challenges of the Gods? Can you also remember a time when you just saw that a game had come out, you bought it and there was none of this on/off confirmation of modes? Ahh. Good times.

Well the latest chapter in the “Does God of War III have online?” saga has arrived. Someone on is claiming to have played through the demo and then logged onto Sony’s retail loyalty site where they undertook the God of War III test. I had never heard of such a site, but apparently it’s there to educate retailers and their employees on the features of upcoming titles. Upon reaching the question about online co-op, they were surprised to find that the quiz seemed to think that there was co-op.

So it’s confirmed!(?) The negative Nancy within me tells me not to believe it. Which I don’t. Though somewhere there’s a naive little Lorcan who thinks “Goodness gracious! It must be true!” but like I said, he’s naive and should not be believed. He thought that Metal Gear Solid would never end up on the 360 and we all know how that turned out…