CNet: 47% Of Xbox 360s RROD Within A Year

CNet commissioned a survey a while back to help find the most reliable chunk of gaming hardware and the results are in. 1,128 console owners in the UK were surveyed and between them they owned 562 Xbox 360s, 473 PS3s and 591 Wiis. Now pay close attention, here comes the science bit

  • Owners of Xbox 360s bought after January 2008 reported a 34% failure rate.
  • 47% of Xbox owners reported the console failing within a year.
  • 32% of Xbox owners reported the console breaking more than once.
  • 16% of all PS3 users had a YLOD or other hardware failure.
  • 6% of Wiis decided to kick the bucket.

Bear in mind that that people who had hardware problems were probably more inclined to fill in the survey, but even so the Xbox failure rate is at least double the Playstation. I would suggest that the Wii has a low failure rate just because it is technically less complex.

Source: CNet