No More Heroes Coming To Xbox & PS3

Former Wii exclusive ‘No More Heroes’ is getting a shiny new HD makeover and coming to PS3 and Xbox this February. Head honcho of developers Grasshopper, Goichi Suda, has previously expressed an interest in bringing the game to the HD consoles and has also been casting sideways glances at the PS3 motion controller.

‘No More Heroes’ casts you as Travis Touchdown, a videogamer who collects action figures, something we can all relate to. It starts going very ‘Japanese’ after that as Travis has decided to become the worlds number one hitman to attract girls. Bad guys include ‘Destroy Man’ who fires lasers out of his crotch and ‘Death Metal’ who is British and loves body piercings. To save the game you go to the toilet and there is swearing. A lot of swearing.


The game has been announced for release in Japan on February 25th and as well as going HD there will be some extra goodies including a new mode in which the ladies of the game decide wearing clothes is a bad idea. As I said, very Japanese.

Source: Kotaku