Trophy World 19/11/09

Welcome back to Trophy World! Things haven’t really been picking up but that’s really because there aren’t many games coming out for the rest of the year. Still, it was a rather nice week:

Highlights of the week are Braid and Gravity Crash. Braid is an indie puzzle game made by Jonathan Blow, which was released last year on the Xbox and PC to critical acclaim. Having played through the game, I can tell you that all the trophies are dead easy except for the last one, which I’m yet to attempt. The game in itself is rather short, so it won’t take you more than a few hours to finish it and get the trophies. The speed run trophy requires you to beat the game in 45 minutes, which is very difficult unless you know exactly how to do each puzzle. The game is, by far, my downloadable game of the year. It is coming soon to the UK, and if you consider yourself to be a true gamer, you must try this game.


If you are a true stalker of Nofi, you will know that he’s in love with Gravity Crash. Going back to retro roots, this game is definitely for those who miss the 2D shooters of yore. I didn’t get introduced to gaming until the PSOne, so I haven’t played many of the retro classics some of you may adore. Irrespective, I’ll certainly be buying the game when it comes on Tuesday, simply because it looks fantastic. I’m also getting it for practice in time for PixelJunk Shooter, as I’m sure we all know that is going to be one hard b**** of a game. Plus, the game features a level creator and the ability to share them online, thus offering endless replayability. The trophy list is, simply put, brilliant. The names are ingenious, showing just how much devotion was put into the game by Just Add Water. They look very difficult too, so for those of you who like a challenge, this should be right up your alley.

Who here is excited for The Saboteur? I know I am! I’ve really been craving for a good sandbox game since GTA IV, and this looks to satisfy it. Tom French, the lead designer on the game, mentioned this in a recent post on the US PlayStation Blog:

I’m almost 99.999635% positive you could get all our trophies on your first playthru. Oh, and there is a trophy in there for finishing a mission without raising the alarms. A lot of the missions would be tough, but it can be done!

Looking at the achievement list here, it’s pretty obvious that both the achievements and trophies will be same and that the secret ones will be plot-related.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Gravity Crash/ Bronze

Obsolete Technology
Defeat any boss

Not just this one, but all the trophies are named with love and dedication, each with it’s own homage to the old days. Knowing JAW, I have a feeling the icons will be creative as well, so I can’t wait to pick up the game on Tuesday. See you next week!

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