Gravity Crash Review: It’s Coming

I’ve been playing Gravity Crash for about 2 months now, and I love it.  However, the version that I have, and the version some sites have already reviewed from, is clearly unfinished and a little buggy, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable reviewing such a personal favourite from such old code.  Here at TSA we always review from the final, retail code so that we’re playing the same version of the game you will be when you buy it.

So, although we’ve been behind the game all the way, we couldn’t rush out a review until the final version was handed over by SCEE, which was meant to be yesterday.  Some mix up yesterday afternoon meant we couldn’t get our hands on the finished article, although Peter was standing by with the capture card and I’d already prepared directions for him so we could bomb through the review and hopefully get a video one up too.


It’s unlikely, then, that we’ll be able to get a review done for Gravity Crash before it hits the European Store today.  I’m sorry about this, but I’m not prepared to challenge our review ethics for one game, and besides, I’ve been talking about the damned thing for weeks so surely you know what to expect, right, but the various tweaks I’ve been told about since the preview version make Gravity Crash an objectively better game.

We’ll try, though, and if Peter’s awake and we get codes through this morning we’ll be on it like Flynn, but all I can do is apologise and promise to keep you updated.  We have just found out that the game will absolutely be out today in both the US and Europe, so that’s great news for anyone doubting the quick turn around on the release date, so at least you’ll be able to sample the demo in the meantime if you’ve not already made up your mind.