Trophy World 27/11/09

Welcome back to Trophy World! Things should be picking up trophy-wise at around March, when you have a plethora of new games coming out. Still, quite a lot of  lists this week:

It goes without saying that highlights of the week are Peggle and PixelJunk Shooter. Around ‘teh interwebz’, PopCap have carved a reputation of making bite-sized and very addicttive games. If anyone asked for their best game so far, most would say Peggle. It’s the only game I know of that has the title of ‘digital crack’ and it certainly deserves that title. I can barely explain how the game works, so it would be best if you watched colossalblue’s video about the new Nights DLC to get a better idea.  The trophies of the game are nice and creative. Be warned: the bronze trophies of Peggle are deceptively simple, but those silvers are very hard. Oh, and that gold? I can assure you it will be harder to get that than doing all races on Phantom on Elite in WipEout HD. I doubt anyone will ever get that, unless they have some insane amounts of patience. I don’t, so I won’t ever get that…


The PixelJunk franchise has put out some of the best games on the PSN and Shooter looks no different. The game looks absolutely stunning and those fluid animations are to die for. Our own colossalblue and Nofi have snagged review copies for themselves and say that the game is fantastic. Colossalblue has even uploded a video of him going through the first level of the game. The trophies at first glimpse look rather simple, but when have we known a PixelJunk game to be easy? In all honesty though, from what I’ve seen, it does look a bit easier than the previous 3 games. Then again, all the them were deceptively simple at first… I’m just really thankful that all the trophies aren’t bronze with one silver like in Eden.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

PixelJunk Shooter/Gold

Treasure Hunter 3
Get all the treasure from Episode 3

I’m really psyched for the game and cannot wait to try my hand at this trophy. I just hope that it won’t be as tough as Eden, but not as easy as something like Terminator Salvation… see you next week!