Lunchtime Discussion: Trophies & Achievements

As of this morning I’m still waiting for my Trophies to sync. I didn’t think I would be that bothered by it as I’m not overly fussed about hunting down Platinums. I do have a fair few overall with my Uncharted 2 Platinum taking pride of place and I always like to use it to annoy my brother and, whilst news is coming through that syncing is now possible, the problem made me think of today’s discussion.

There are probably some of you that are still having problems but my main thought was: How important to you are Trophies/Achievements?

Do they give you a reason to finish a game (or start one for that matter)? Do you use them as an ego boost (not necessarily a bad thing) and do you go hunting for Trophies? Do you see them as just an extra perk for the games you play or do you see them as pointless and irritating?


From a personal point of view, I like hearing the ‘bling’ upon doing something special and whilst I don’t ‘hunt’ them, I think they are almost an essential part of both consoles. The only thing that really gets on my nerves are the pointless ones that certain games like Prince of Persia offered. In that game you recieved a trophy for watching the intro movie!