Trophy World 3/12/09

Welcome back to Trophy World! It was a very quiet week and I unfortunately expect this to continue for the rest of the month. There are virtually no new games coming out in December, except for Avatar and The Saboteur, both of which have had their trophy lists revealed. Don’t fret, I’m sure things will pick up, especially with the rush of games coming out in March:

Many have considered The Saboteur to be the last game in 2009 to be a possible contender for Game of the Year, and I certainly agree. The game looks simply fabulous. Our own Nofi managed to snag himself some review code and even posted his first impressions on it. As he mentioned, he was awarded a continuous stream of trophies, which proves that those secret trophies are story-related and awarded at regular intervals. Sadly he didn’t mentioned what exactly ‘ambient freeplay’ is, though I’m positive it’s some form of side-missions. Anyways, the game is out in just a few days, and if you want that code to unlock nudity, you’ll have to purchase the full game and not rent or buy a used copy. Smart Pandemic, smart…

Avatar is the first retail game to have the option of playing in full stereoscopic 3D (The first downloadable game was Invincible Tiger, available on both the PSN and XBLM now), provided you have the TV and glasses needed to do so . From all its previous previews, the game seemed to be one of the few movie tie-ins that wouldn’t flop. Judging from all the recent reviews though, it seems to disappoint. The trophies are your standard fare and most of them seem attainable by just finishing the game. Are you one of the lucky few to own a stereoscopic TV? If so, will you be picking it up?


My favourite trophy of the week is:

The Saboteur/ Bronze

You kissed 50 women.

Wow, we now have trophies for kissing people? What’s next? Sex? Oh wait… well then, see you next week!