ModNation Betas Up For Grabs

Like really garishly designed websites with no clear direction? Want to visit one in order to increase your chances of getting into the ‘beta’ of ModNation Racers?  Well, panic over – the US PlayStation site has come good on both counts – head over there, try and find the bit where you put your email address and date of birth in, and then sit F5’ing your inbox whilst you await an email which may or may not ever turn up.

Our Zuler was particularly excited about this, but you’ll still need a US PlayStation Network account and a rabbit’s foot to get in.  Don’t worry about not really being qualified to be a beta tester either, it’s entirely pot luck and you’ll qualify regardless of any other beta’s you’ve actively taken part in previously, I’d assume.  Yes, I’m in a grumpy mood, but no – this isn’t the right way to go about getting beta feedback.


Still, the ability create your own courses, eh?  Smashing.