TSA Staff: Game of the Year #4


Batman: Arkham Asylum. Like the Dark Knight himself, this snuck up out of the shadows to shock us all. This action-adventure stealth game developed by Rocksteady Studios for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, took a comic book hero and gave them a game to be proud of. In fitting style, Batman: Arkham Asylum stayed under the radar. We knew it was coming but the amount of press prior to release was pretty sparse, with the exception of PS3-favouritism with both a Home Batcave and exclusive Joker DLC. Once the demo had released though, there was no hiding. We fell in love with the masked crusader all over again and were itching to play the full release. A good decision that turned out to be with Batman: Arkham Asylum impressing TSA and receiving a 9/10. Batman: Arkham Asylum gave us a hero game we could only dream of; it is TheSixthAxis’ fourth favourite game of 2009.


Our second day brings a second TSA Game of the Year video:


This video was created and edited by Peter whilst I just added some flashy magic.

With several Batman loving staff members within TSA Towers, here’s what a few of them thought:

“Batman: Arkham Asylum is, from the opening moment until the end, simply a sublime experience. Stalking your prey from the rafters, using Batman’s gadget arsenal, and particularly the dream sequences stand out as really involving you in the game. Yes it’s not without it’s flaws, but you easily over look those feeling that you really are The Big Bad Bat. The storyline is well paced, swerves nicely and, unlike a lot of this type of game, feels involved with the game rather than a seperate entity with your actions simply linking chunks of story together. The game’s atmosphere is heavily driven by its environment, the darkened rooms, the enclosed corridors and even the open spaces with snipers that you don’t see as you emerge from a building, all compliment the atmosphere and make you feel that not only are you stalking your prey but that they could be waiting for you around any blind corner. The puzzle-solving is there and just fits, puzzles driving things forwards rather than being an unnecessary distraction and the way that you have to use your gadgets to navigate levels just feels right for the Dark Knight. And the stealth… well the stealth feels right. It’s how Batman would go. He doesn’t sneak along walls and peek around a corner like some Johnny-come-lately, he moves through the rafters, drops down and takes out his prey before anyone knows what happened. Simply? You are Batman, you are the night, and the bad guys are downright scared of you.” – Kris Lipscombe

“The Batman legacy is one that many have attempted to address in a video game and until now, none have succeeded. Rocksteady Games have developed a title that stays true to Batman with Arkham Asylum providing a dark, gritty and intimidating setting. The fight mechanics are some of the best in any game and it’s easy to lose yourself in Batman: Arkham Asylum.” – Lewis Gaston

“The Dark Knight is at his darkest in this flawless game. Arkham Asylum is simply one of the best single-player experiences available and should always be regarded as a classic. The story flows so well and the gameplay just works. Even the sound and audio are spot on, with gruesome tones jumping in at the perfect moment. Rocksteady have easily captured the very essence of Batman: his power but keep the gamer in constant fear of The Joker. The satisfaction of swooping down onto clueless henchmen from the rafters is exactly how a Batman game should feel. This is one that should not be missed.” – Murdo Connochie

Tomorrow, it’ll be time for our third favourite. I hope you’re looking forward to it.