Japan is Going Wild for Final Fantasy XIII

Japan is mental. Absolutely bloody mental. Whether it’s their alcohol vending machines, tins of coffee or mental hospital themed restaurants (seriously..) they’re completely and utterly off their rocker.

Today however, I found out exactly how crazy Japan can really go over something. They’re going wild for Final Fantasy XIII. Walking around Akihabara, Tokyo’s capital for all things games, anime and porn (it really doesn’t help with stereotypes  when all three sit on the same shelf..), you literally can’t turn away from it. Every screen is playing it and every shop is promoting it. Even those which don’t have a single other game within their walls will be selling the title come tomorrow morning. I have never seen anything like it.

Currently where I’m staying is quite a bit out of the way. I wouldn’t say I’m in the sticks, but it’s far enough away that I wouldn’t expect that the Final Fantasy marketing assault would be able to invade my life. Though even yesterday, whilst I tried (and failed) to communicate with the poor woman serving me at the local convenience store I noticed it playing on the screen alongside my total price.

Whether this is Square or Sony that are pushing it, I don’t know, but the west needs to take note for next time they want to sell a game. I don’t even want to think about how many copies of other games could have been sold with even half of this marketing campaign. Because let’s be honest, we all have at least one title in our collection that we wish had seen better sales.

Just to show you the scale of what’s going on over here, I’ve taken a few photos, and just to give you a clear idea of how widespread this is, only 2 of the following photos were taken under the same roof. If you excuse me though, I’ll be off for a bit of sleep. I’m up early tomorrow! I have some queueing to do..