Analyst Predicts Great Things For PS3 In 2010

Those crystal ball gazers have been at it again and this time it’s Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian who’s been going all Mystic Meg on us. According to IndustryGamers he forecasts strong sales for PS3 but the Xbox and Wii will decline.

“For the year, we are currently modeling a 10% increase in PS3 unit sales, Xbox 360 unit sales down 5%, and a 20% decline in Nintendo Wii unit sales. There is upside potential to our estimates with further hardware price reductions. At this point, we expect the console-installed base to increase by roughly 25% to 70 million units, and above the 57 million console units installed of the last generation platforms at the end of 2005.”


It must be noted that even with a 20% drop in sales the Wii is still going to be selling bucketloads and may still outsell every other playform.