EA Responds To Fox’s Comments

EA has responded to UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s damning comments regarding Medal Of Honor’s Taliban multiplayer element.

Commenting to BBC News, a spokesperson for EA has defended their game by stating that players aren’t actually able to kill British soldiers. Being a military shooter set in the current Afghan conflict, this is somewhat hard to swallow. So maybe EA could clarify a little further…


No British troops feature in the game.

So I guess Fox’s claim of the game being un-British holds up. Having said that, Fox’s position as Defence Secretary, a role that has him regularly meeting soldiers and their families, makes his stance a little more understandable. The Department for Media, Culture and Sport has released a statement reminding that Mr. Fox’s views are his own and refers to Medal of Honor’s BBFC 18 plus classification.

There is a ratings system in place which exists to categorise games appropriately, in this case the game in question is rated 18 so should only be sold to, and played by, adults.

Medal of Honor remains due for release on 15th October.

Source: BBC and eurogamer



  1. What!? No British troops in the game? I personally find this more insulting than the Taliban drama! Were the second biggest nation in terms of troops in ISAF, and were not in it. Does Tier 1 not feature any SAS?!

    Now thats disgusting.

    • No, what is disgusting is that you are going on about that UK is the second biggest killing machine in the world.

      • Killing Machine? Give me a break. 9/11 done by a few taliban kills thousands .. hows that for killing machine.

        Anyway this is not the point of the article, and this isnt the place for such an argument.

      • A machine is not a person.

      • Sorry, did cross a line there. My bad. :(

      • No worrys dude, it happens. At least on this site were more mature about it when it does :)

      • thats why I love this site good call guys.

      • … Out of line

      • I hope your not talking to me mick 939 I was saying how mature people are I was being serious. I mean a good thing that its squashed.

    • Just to answer your question tier one operatives are part of American special forces. The SAS is British and has no relation to tier one. Plus SAS is below media level were as tier one, people no there out there and that’s there thing media u just don’t no who they are

      • I thought it was a similar thing to the tasforce 141 or whatever it was called in MW2 which was a mix of the best special forces. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure there isn’t actually a “Tier 1” Its more likely that rather than a specific force such as tier 1 in Afghanistan there would be task forces (such as TF141 in MW2 only a little less ridiculous) with a mix of SAS, Navy Seals, Delta Force etc

  2. Most importantly, well done for spelling defence with a c :)

    • …and spelling the game’s title correctly, despite misguided British-English pedantry.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s bugged by that – damn Americlish!

      • Honor should = Honour
        Defense should = Defence

        Even my Firefox spell-checker agrees!

  3. It might just be me, but I’m bored with wargames. Bring on LBP2 :P

    • oh bad news. in that the world trade center goes up in flames

      • I don’t see why me not liking wargames has to do with the World Trade Center?

      • my humor failed. i’ll go now

  4. You know you’re a retard when you think killing Taliban/British soldiers in a video game is bad.

    Dude, almost every video game with a gun allows you to kill innocent people…*coughGTAcough*…
    and you’re worried about soldiers?

    Grow up.

  5. That’s a bit of a kick in the teeth to us Brits, I would have liked them to be in the game, especially as it is trying to be a grown up game and portraying the soldiers story of the Afghan war, but thinking about it I probably shouldn’t have expected them in the game as it’s coming from the yanks. Don’t know if I want the game now, but will probably be playing it.

  6. errr, no Brits in Afgan?!?! i have 3 mates who are over there so im more than positive that British troops are playing a part in that war!?! Only Americans would be so dumb and blinded by there own flag not to see anything else but US involvement.

    I can see it now, lots of US troops, tanks and humvee’s Vs Men with AK’s, C4 and tattered clothes. *yawn*

    i was really looking forward to this, i was thinking we we might get a good two sided story, with a plot and maybe a sad ending or some twists. but it looks like its going to be yet another shoot everything that moves game, but with a different skin set.

    • they won all the wars didn’t they?
      their pilots won the battle of britain for us, they captured an enigma machine, and it was an american that single handedly won wwii.

      just don’t mention vietnam.

      “i was really looking forward to this, i was thinking we we might get a good two sided story, with a plot and maybe a sad ending or some twists”
      it’s a COD game, why would you expect any of those things?

      • just the bits of info iv seen over the last year seemed like they were taking SP seriously

      • O, and its Medal of Honer, i wouldn’t expect anything but run and gun from a COD title!

    • It is from the culture of the country that makes the product. Doctor Who is a prime example. Anything that happens on Earth happens to revolve around Britain.

      • But then again Doctor Who is fictional, the Afghan war isnt.

      • But it’s also true that Brits didn’t fight in every battle of WWII. American troops didn’t fight in every battle of WWII. It’s not like in Afghanistan they decided they were going to take the nato troops and dole one brit each out to every american unit just so there was a representative from Operation Herrick for each Operation Enduring Freedom team. We don’t know what the plot of the game is going to be. If this is about an American detachment, it would only make sense that there aren’t any British People in it. It would be precisely like Call of Duty: Battle of Britain featuring blue Corsairs and yank pilots in addition to the RAF (though that would probably jive better with the majority of my unlearned countrymen.)

  7. I’m now really fucked off that our troops arn’t in it, I’ll stick to MW with our nice British boys taking the front seat. Understandably we won’t feature in black ops as it wouldn’t make any fucking sense.

    • LOL… I’ll just buy this and Black Ops. Like I have MW2 and BC2. 2 Different games, 2 different styles.
      But no British is kind of dumb…but it was nice that Fox got and epic fail =)

  8. LOL 18+, Australia doesnt even have that rating nor are there any signs of it being banned. Looks like it’ll be sold as MA15+ as usual

  9. It’s a computer game, it has ratings for a reason. Maybe the defence secretary should just get on with HIS job and sort out protecting our troops/country rather than worry about a poxy computer game.

  10. I quite liked that the government has distanced itself from Fox’s comments, it kind of underlines it as the inane rant that it is..
    Also, why all the comments about no British troops? The game is about Tier 1 ops, they are US-only forces.. In fact a quick wiki search, shows that the only foreign unit that ever joined a Tier 1 op, was the Canadian JTF2. Yes, there are British forces in Afghanistan, but this game isn’t about them so why complain that they aren’t in it?

    • Fair point, I bet that probably none of us thought about the inclusion of Brit troops until we found out that they are not in the game. For me it is still a bit surprising to find out and a little kick in the teeth, but if I had taken the time to find out it would have made sense.

    • Totally agree. If they are representing battles in which the British didn’t take part, then of course there are no British troops. I don’t complain that there is no Damon Hill in F1 2010

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