Sony To Post Profit

Nikkei reports today that Sony will be posting an operating profit of between ten billion and thirty billion yen over the April through June quarter.

To put that into perspective, they posted a 25.7 billion yen loss in the same period the year before.

It seems that the video games sector helped reach this goal, with Nikkei stating that Sony’s games and mobile division reached profitability for the quarter thanks to cost-cutting measures.

Source: Andriasang


  1. Go Sony! I’ll have a pint of Aspall please.

    • Fine choice of drink – love the stuff :)

  2. The losses were always going to be temporary, but it’s good to see such a large profit. It’d be interesting to see a breakdown of the profit for all their different divisions but i can’t be arsed to do the research, any fancy doing it for me and posting a link?

    • Or anyone even! (Sorry for replying to my own message)

    • I did have some figures that show just how few years the gaming division in Sony had ever made a profit, I’ll try and hunt them down but it was basically (all approximately)

      The 1st 3 years of PlayStation were a loss, then there was a year of profit before work started on the PS2, then there was 3 or so years of loss then a couple of profit, before work started on the PS3… and here we are 3 years later looking like we’ve turned the corner again. If history is to repeat itself then Sony is going to milk it for a couple of years before pouring all the money into a successor

      • it’s amazing really. Do they ever break even with the playstation or gaming side of Sony? There seems to be more losses each year than profits?

      • I’m still trying to find them, but I think if you add up all the losses and profits… they are miles away from turning a profit, something that they’ll be unlikely to recover before development starts on the next consoles (again plunging them further in to a loss in the gaming division)

        However, the difference for Sony is that as a member of Blu-ray licensing group of companies they will be receiving money for each disk sold which will only go up over time, and the losses made by PlayStation will be generating profits in the 3D TV business (as long as they’ve sorted out their costs)

      • And yet the MS Entertainment division has never, ever published a profit. They can shout as load as the like about thenumber of Xboxes sold it’s a bit pointless if they still lose money.

  3. Well done Sony,

    Ill have a KFC as I am still a little ropey after York Races….

  4. Nice turnaround for them, and might help pave the way for a PS3 price reduction in time for the Move launch.

    • they need one anyway to compete with the 360 slim, now that M$ finally decided to add in wifi and give it decent vents.

      • Son¥ will hopefully profit from here on in. Unscrupulous money grabbing bastards that they are. 8-)

  5. woooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  6. So they will have a few yen to invest in the PS4. And PSP2

  7. They might have reached profitability earlier if the recession hadn’t made the yen stronger against the dollar and euro

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