DUST 514 Leak Suggests PS3 Exclusivity

CCP Games is looking to make an impact at this year’s E3 expo with its MMO/FPS hybrid, DUST 514, based within the same universe as the insanely popular EVE Online. CCP has been running a countdown site for the game’s E3 unveiling, one visitor managing to unearth a number of hidden files, or to be more specific, screenshots, which hint at DUST 514 being a PlayStation exclusive (note the “PS3” logo along the bottom of each image.)

A link channelling viewers to the PlayStation Blog was also discovered, set to go live when the countdown timer runs to nought. Anyone who has been paying attention to the E3 schedule will also realise that the launch time will coincide with Sony’s E3 press conference. Coincidence? We think not.

Though details on DUST 514 have yet to be set in stone, we assume the game will entail some form of cross-platform integration with EVE Online; a level of integration Microsoft are probably unwilling to allow, hence the exclusivity. Of course, we could be talking nonsense, the announcement could regard timed-exclusivity or maybe even PS3-only content. Either way, we will find out soon enough.

Source: Dust 514 Official Countdown


  1. Never really heard of this game but the screenshots are making me intrested, graphics are really nice.

  2. Is this the game where players of EVE Online “hire” the people playing Dust 514 to battle for them over control of planets? I remember hearing about that a year ago or something?

    • Personally I don’t know the specifics, but I will doing a little research when I get back from work tonight. I think the whole “hiring” business sounds incredibly hard to pull off, though a brilliant form of cross-platform integration.

    • I remember reading the same thing somewhere so I think you may be right.

  3. Looks a bit like Halo.

  4. Well since XBL is closed off to the ideas of accessing 3rd party servers, there’s no way Dust 514 could be on there and be part of CCP’s universe.
    We saw this with SteamPlay on PS3, and tons of other MMOs that are on PS3 and not 360.

    • I think this is spot on, And now that the first MMO’s are on board the ps3, whats to stop the very big ones coming (just like EVE in this case, and maybe even world of warcraft)

      • I would love EVE Online to come to PS3, I’ve been wanting to join for ages.

  5. It looks very grey, but if its similar to EVE Online, thats great

  6. It certainly looks very grey although those explosions look good too. With the Eve integration i’m guessing it’s going to be online-only but i also expect a different experience to CoD etc. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how it’s all going to work with Eve.

  7. It’s a absolutely insanely incredible idea. People playing EVE online can wage war, and you essentially get to play as the ground troops.

  8. Screens look pretty good. Definately interested in this.

  9. This looks REALLY good. Free multiplayer and I’m in

  10. I think this game could go down really well if it keeps in touch with the live universe of EVE online.
    I understand that the PS3 logo and name on the images might lead people to believe exclusivity but it could also be their way of indicating it is PS3 game footage (possibly with the PS3 being lead console). But I suppose with PSN being free the MMO payment system (if there is one) might be easier to sort out on PSN. We shall have to wait and see! :)

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