TSA Chat Transcript: Sony

The second of the three manufacturers showing was Sony. We already thought we knew a lot of the stuff that they’d have on show, the NGP’s one true name had been leaked, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and a host of other things previously unveiled. Did Sony have anything in reserve for our discerning panel of staffers?

Whatever they had, they started really, really late.


Chris: So, ummmm Sony lose?
Stefan: here we go?
Chris: Also, why haven’t Sony learned that 3D doesn’t translate on streamed broadcasts
Stefan: I can see a man in a dark room.
Joshua: We send Alex, and he breaks the press conference. Christs sake.
Chris: Sony presser has been hacked
Gareth: by alex
Stefan: hacked and slashed.
Gareth: 2 minutes
Joshua: yaaaay blog one is up, and HD:D
Peter: This is going to be awesome. Proper awesome
Joshua: gonna try get screencaps for posts too btw
Blair: ready
Blair: finished my nachos


Chris: PlayStation Move #calledit
Blair: party
Gareth: c’mon sony, I’m waiting here
Peter: dubstep. Awesome already
Chris: yep!
Gareth: god damn the NGP does look gorgeous
Chris: oh hai PS Move
Blair: I’ll point out Al if he pops up:p
Stefan: I spotted MNR on the NGP. That’ll be ace:)
Joshua: There was some Kratos in there too.
Gareth: yeah
Chris: Katamari would be ace on PSV, make it happen
Peter: Mon Tage
Adam: a conference for gamers this time
Joshua: Was that Resident Evil too?
Gareth: starhawk!
Peter: monster hunter…
Gareth: green lantern?
Peter: yep
Peter: that’s out in a couple of weeks
Chris: out this week, see TSA for details:p
Gareth: I wanna see the film
Gareth: Ryan Reynolds <3
Adam: mmm
Adam: Ryan:P
Stefan: They must have had quite a lot of fun putting that montage together

Tretton struts out on stage sporting a rather… striking clothes combination.

Greg: Plenty of Moves set up on stage
Gareth: ah Tretton, I like that guy
Chris: Thought we were going to have a 5hr montage then
Blair: I love Tretton
Adam: he is the same colour as his shirt
Adam: been a bit tangoed
Stefan: He’s not wearing a shirt
Blair: oh, we’re getting this edited together *puts pun cap on*
Joshua: Straight up addressed [the PSN outage].
Gareth: You’ve just ruined the whole conference for me now
Gareth: I can’t take my eyes off his shirt
Stefan: WHAT SHIRT! :P
Chris: hmmmm
Adam: That’s what he wants!
Adam: deflect them with the Shirt
Peter: hmmmm, PS fanboy Tretton. I wonder what Greg has to say about those sales numbers :-P
Greg: Not enough qualifiers to be useful. :)
Adam: hands shouldnt be that colour
Chris: hands look blue too me, same colour as his tie
Adam: looks like they have been dipped in make up to me
Chris: 90mins? hopefully that includes the past 24mins
Blair: that’s a few bingo hits ;)
Stefan: I think he was wearing his shirt when he went to get a spray tan earlier today…
Gareth: Are you saying his entire outfit has been set to match his oddly coloured body parts?
Greg: He was obviously suspended from his hands when dipped in peach juice.
Adam: Yes
Blair: this better be good

Uncharted 3

Adam: uncharted
Stefan: tell me when I can look again?
Gareth: oooh excited face
Adam: straight to thew big gun
Gareth: It’s still weird that they’re the same guys that did Crash Bandicoot
Joshua: yay im back!:D
Gareth: YES!
Greg: Liking the look of the rain on the deck.
Peter: That is awesome boat movement
Gareth: and the sloshing water in the pool
Adam: beautifulll
Adam: uncharted 3: titanic
Gareth: love the way the chandeliers are moving too
Chris: how could that guy not hear the footprints
Peter: Uncharted Gear Solid
Blair: Looks like Uncharted 2 with that move..
Joshua: You know how Tomb Raider is like Uncharted, it’s actually going to have exactly the same start:P
Greg: Stealth kills… my crushing mode favourite.
Joshua: agreed
Gareth: I love stealth kills in all games.
Chris: hate stealth, with a passion
Blair: Woah!
Chris: unch does good stealth though
Joshua: I love stealth in uncharted because it feels hefty
Joshua: nice lighting
Gareth: yeah, it feels solid, it’s pretty great
Gareth: I like that they don’t usually force it too
Greg: Nice use of light to lead the player again.
Blair: Jumping looks… better?
Gareth: wow, terrible aim
Gareth: wow, that water looked impressive
Blair: hope there’s QTEs in cutscenes like that!
Blair: Nice aiming reticule ;)
Chris: holy shit
Chris: amaze
Blair: Uncharted 2 had awesome snow… this has awesome water!
Adam: amazing!
Adam: honestly almost feel like im there
Gareth: That is amazing gameplay
Gareth: I didn’t think they could do this to me again
Peter: urgh, water isn’t very responsive to him
Greg: Now it’s Uncharted: The Poseidon Adventure
Peter: hopefully that’s early
Gareth: I reached when I saw that triangle prompt
Chris: its no hydrophobia, but the animation of surface water was great, lacking in fluid dynamics though
Joshua: I actually reached for my controller when that button prompt came up:/
Gareth: yeah I did
Joshua: oh wow
Joshua: go is
Adam: Wow
Joshua: *us
Adam: better than expected!
Chris: someone waker Teffers up
Greg: They do like running towards camera in vechiles at odd angles…
Gareth: I didn’t expect to get the same kind of reaction I had to U2 when they showed that building
Gareth: the one that falls down when you’re in it and all that
Peter: water looked lovely but didn’t react much like water. Looked amazing otherwise though
Gareth: entire multiplayer before it hits stores?
Gareth: what?
Chris: what?
Chris: london
Gareth: I have glasses but they’re not stereoscopic ones
Blair: Sully looks older:(
Chris: needs LA noire’s mocap, it’s not bad but has been outclassed
Gareth: the animation on sully looked superb then
Blair: Looks awesome, where’s Elena?!
Gareth: there
Blair: There.
Greg: Elena <3
Adam: WOW
Chris: horse
Gareth: stop horsing around
Blair: HORSE!
Adam: Best of E3 right there for me
Chris: flying transforming horse?
Gareth: yup, that looked superb
Adam: Kris needs a PS3 if only just for that

Resistance 3

Greg: Bingo #7
Gareth: shit, stream stopped for me
Blair: Repinkstance 3
Stefan: Is UC3 over yet?
Gareth: yeah
Chris: yes res3 now
Greg: R3 in 3D?
Stefan: Yay! I can start watching again
Blair: you missed out man!
Chris: R3 3D
Gareth: Resistance 3! ALSO, I hate the HUD
Gareth: what was that thing!?
Stefan: I’m avoiding UC3 so I can play it as fresh as possible.
Adam: niceee
Chris: Can’t believe they’re releasing the multiplayer before the game is out… anti-cod tactic?
Stefan: I still don’t quite understand the health in R3. It doesn’t recharge at all anymore?
Blair: Resistance is meh:/
Greg: Did we know before that it was in 3D?
Gareth: I’m not sure
Blair: meh
Adam: Much better graphics tahn R2
Joshua: What a crap demo.
Stefan: Everything is in 3D from Sony now.
Blair: 3D isn’t really a big thing anymore
Gareth: Oh well, no R3 announcement [on TSA] Stefan: When was the last time a Sony game wasn’t in 3D?
Peter: hmm
Gareth: R3 sharpshooter bundle
Greg: Sep 6th
Adam: good choice!
Chris: pew pew
Adam: something for Move
Joshua: Doomsday Edition
Gareth: R3, sharpshooter, nav, move controller, eye
Joshua: $150
Gareth: That worth reporting on?
Stefan: Move control? Is that new info? But again, that’s a bit like the 3D thing. Every ‘core’ title has it.

ICO/Shadow of the Colossus & God of War Origins

Blair: God of War Origins
Blair: on it
Peter: “commitment to 3D is unwaivering” admission that 3D is taking a battering?
Peter: Eye-co, not Ee-co. Septics!
Chris: eeco?
Stefan: EE-co, as they say it in Japan.

24″ 3D Playstation Display

Gareth: 24in? wtf
Joshua: okay cool
Joshua: wtf
Chris: what?
Gareth: and it’s ugly
Joshua: playstation tv 24″ screen
Chris: FUGLY
Joshua: hideous
Adam: Clever though, guys. Get 3D in peoples homes like they did with blu-ray
Stefan: Unique views, though. THAT’S impressive.
Peter: awesome split screen stuff
Blair: Aw, that’s cool!
Joshua: oh cool
Peter: I predicted that when they announced 3D
Chris: that is cool, let me know when the 50″ is announced
Peter: I’m Michael Pachter
Adam: $499?
Peter: and $69.99 for extra glasses. not bad.
Joshua: must be making a loss on those
Adam: £50… good price point
Chris: $69.99 for the PS branded glasses, compatible with a range of TVs inc non-Sony
Gareth: It comes with Resistance 3 too.
Chris: @josh No loss, Samsung have dropped there’s to £35 now, were £70 when I bought mine (although I got them for £50

2K Sports’ Move demo

Peter: 2K sports on… Not EA… hmm
Stefan: You’re amazing Cb:) [re: Cb’s prediction of the 3D] Peter: yeah, I can even tie my own shoelaces now :)
Chris: Think EA are partnering close to Ms now, as EA Sports titles have Kinect
Gareth: wish I could do that
Stefan: bunny ears or round the tree?
Adam: Crowd look so bad
Peter: loop it and swoop it
Stefan: Bunny ears for me.
Chris: *sigh*
Adam: not much exciting
Stefan: This demo is….
Joshua: …bad
Gareth: that’s Kobe Bryant, right?
Chris: jeez
Gareth: He’s pretty funny
Stefan: Demo didn’t want to work, then?

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Chest… Er… Vest?

Gareth: new move title
Blair: What’s happened to Sorcery?
Gareth: when they say Medieval do they mean another game in the Medieval series or is it unrelated?
Chris: Cool but what about Sports champs 2, whic his badly needed
Peter: Medieval Moves? Huh? What’s this? New IP?
Gareth: nvm, must be unrelated. that looks fun.
Chris: developers of sports champs, medievil moves
Adam: hmmmm interesting
Blair: Sorcery?
Adam: quite cool
Blair: This is very similar.
Gareth: could do with two move controllers
Joshua: It is
Stefan: Much simplified archery controls
Gareth: he’s only got one
Blair: Why is it on rails? They could use the sub:/
Chris: I remember how much my arms ached in Sports Champs archery, it was tres difficile after a short time
Joshua: This looks shit, what happened to Sorcery?
Stefan: Or actually, I forget, doesn’t the archery and gladiator mode play like that in Sports Champs?
Gareth: I think it looks fun.
Chris: yes, ait looks an exact mix of sports champs archery & gladiator, with an on-rails game tacked on to it
Chris: that is interesting:\
Stefan: Yup. Bet it has the much better controls apply if you have the 2nd move…
Greg: A Woo Hoo at that?!
Adam: in game woo hoo i think
Joshua: Uncharted has been the only good demo so far.
Chris: shoot the green thing, just like in the last puzzle
Blair: This is bad as some Kinect stuff, tbh.
Greg: Utter shite. Sorry.
Chris: worse, kinect looked fun & was all multiplayer… well, most
Joshua: Yeah this is terrible.
Peter: Did anyone get that Dead man’s chest thing?
Peter: quest
Peter: er.. vest
Blair: Dead man’s vest?
Chris: crap, just crap
Joshua: There was more in the Sorcery demo than that shit.
Chris: nothing, nada… if that’s it as far as Move exlcusive games are concerned they may as well bin it
Adam: great effects in this infamous 2
Chris: Cheer up Tretton, you’re dragging me down with you

Move coming to LBP2

Blair: September?!
Stefan: yes, then a subtitlte. Anyway… moving on:)
Stefan: September is a crazy time away…


Blair: wooo
Blair: Starhawk!
Greg: Bingo #6
Chris: STARHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stefan: Was expecting it sooner than tha….. STARHAWK!
Gareth: why is that man glowing?
Blair: Western.
Blair: Very western.
Gareth: Good, there aren’t enough of those
Adam: awesomeeeee
Chris: ooooh Bike-y thing
Adam: spaceeee
Peter: Was Medieval Moves on rails?
Adam: sexy
Greg: Warhawks in Spaaaaaace!
Blair: Woaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chris: Space!
Gareth: yes it was,
Peter: thanks
Stefan: yup, on the reails
Chris: omg omg omg…. show more, moar, moar

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Gareth: hmm
Joshua: Jak? Sly?
Stefan: Sly
Chris: wtf… get back to starhawk
Joshua: YAAAAY
Joshua: SLY
Gareth: Sucker Punch are really working lately
Stefan: Been meaning to pick up the collection…
Blair: Never paid Sly… should buy that collection.
Stefan: Will this be Sucker Punch? They’re still quite small, aren’t they?
Gareth: wasn’t there a hint or somehting about it in infamous?
Blair: lolwut
Adam: mentalll
Chris: don’t know anything about sly
Adam: back to the human salmon
Stefan: Think it was a bonus trailer on the Sly Collection.
Blair: Who’s got this? I’ve never plaid Sly.
Gareth: me neither
Adam: plaid? lulz
Gareth: wait
Chris: Well, ummmm STARHAWK

Dust 514

Gareth: eve online ps3?
Gareth: oh right Dust, forgot about that
Chris: First True cross platform experience
Chris: , oh thought you meant dust
Adam: Dust now
Adam: pretty space shots
Adam: very halo tho
Chris: So this links to PC Eve Online?
Stefan: Dust looks like the kind of game, the concept of which I just love.
Adam: Exclsuive PSN game
Stefan: Hope it lives up to the concept.

BioShock, now with Move and NGP

Greg: Bioshock
Adam: bioshock 3?
Stefan: Dust’ll be PC too.
Blair: Bioshock!
Chris: boobs
Stefan: Infinite
Stefan: Bioshock Infinite
Blair: Infinite Boobs.
Stefan: Did she just shout “booger!”
Greg: Same section that was in the previews a few weeks back
Blair: This is a big… jumpy.
Chris: roller-coaster, cool. I like roller-coasters
Stefan: Nothing new on that one. (yet?)
Greg: This trailer made entirely from PC in-game footage…
Adam: not too impressed with that trailer compared ot previous
Greg: This year’s Gabe moment
Blair: Move
Gareth: subbed CB
Chris: oh, doing a Gabe then
Adam: what. a.weirdo.
Gareth: yeah, this is weird.
Gareth: He’s weird
Gareth: it’s his voice
Gareth: Seen recess? He sounds like the leader of the nerds in the basement
Adam: camp
Stefan: Reading between the lines, Jack Tretton went round and made Ken Levine his bitch. [to get move incorporated] Gareth: Knarf?
Stefan: Rolled those sleeves up at him
Blair: Amazing how they did this over the phone…
Chris: he said ‘core’ who’s keeping count
Greg: My “core” counter wrapped around a while back.
Blair: Cool, game gets Move support… move on.
Adam: wow… taking a long time
Stefan: Bioshock NGP?
Gareth: so far he’s said ‘Move in Bioshock’
Blair: Bioshock NGP!
Gareth: godammit
Blair: right, that was NOTHING.
Stefan: Pretty much!
Gareth: So what is it Bioshock NGP or is it something else on NGP in the universe?
Gareth: BAH
Stefan: NGP game set in Bioshock universe
Chris: Bioshock universe, not necassarily bioshock ngp
Adam: free copy of bioshock on ps3 with bioshock infinite?
Stefan: wait… did they say that?
Gareth: yes
Adam: dont know what with though
Adam: think it was bishock infinite

Star Trek

Blair: Star Trek?
Gareth: phaser peripheral
Chris: Star Trek peripheral for Move
Gareth: Star Trek coop game has Move
Chris: out same time as movie next year, but original story
Adam: Not impressing me..
Chris: hmmmm
Blair: Mass Effect.
Peter: CBS logo on that Star Trek… TV series coming?
Gareth: that said only PS3 there then
Gareth: Is it exclusive?
Peter: Star Trek is PSN exclusive
Stefan: Looked alright. It’s a movie tie in, though. So could be good for that
Gareth: ooh, didn’t realise
Stefan: CBS just own the overall Star Trek franchise

EA-Sony love-in

Chris: SSX ps3 exclusive mount fuji
Gareth: Fiji?
Gareth: oh
Adam: 7 extra cars for PS3 on blu ray disc
Gareth: Fuji, yeah that’s right
Gareth: holy god
Adam: battlefield 1943 for free with BF3 on blu0ray
Gareth: exclusive 1943
Chris: bf3 blu-ray includes bf 1943
Gareth: not too much use if I already own it though
Peter: Mt. Fuji in SSX, 7 Supercars in NFS: The Run, Free BF1943 with BF3

For the NGP naming, head to Page 2.

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  1. hehe was a fun read… =)
    but i agree, the conference announced things we already knew about… the only wow for me was the UC3 gamplay…
    but i looked at the xbox press conference and thiers was much more fun to see… the coolest thing in xbox conference was Ghost Recon future soldier trailer and gameplay with the kinect, but it was too much kinect for me… but the Biggest thing in E3 for me this year is the Skyrim Gameplay!!! OMG i want that game!!!
    and this video blog fom E3 just blew me away!!!

  2. If only they didn’t have to push the Vita so hard it would’ve been a great conference but there we go. They have priorities in the hand-held market right now and that’s why it was only “okay” for me. Saying that, opening with Uncharted 3’s on-stage demo with the boat/ship left me swearing at the screen for so damned long. Utterly, utterly incredible entertainment.

  3. Well done Tef, would have taken quite a while to put together.
    After reading the post I don’t think I’ve done too well in the TSA E3 bingo, the Sony picks anyway.

    • It wasn’t all me. Kris and Cb dove in and added pics I’d missed, polished some things here and there. I was, frankly, sick of it after a couple hours effort! Thanks guys :)

  4. Dust 514: Chris: First True cross platform experience
    What about Final Fantasy XI with PC, PS2 and 360 support on shared servers?

  5. I think Sony knew any “big” ps3 news would be lost once Nintendo announced the Wii U but PS Vita wouldn’t suffer. I have a feeling there could still be some big reveals later in the year at the other conferences.

    • That’s a very well observed point :-)

  6. I was rather tired and still didn’t particularly care about the NGP that the conference left me rather confused as well as underwhelmed.

  7. Sony ftw.

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