Resistance 3 Gets a Sharpshooter Bundle

It’s just been announced that there will be a Sharpshooter bundle for Resistance 3 at launch. The bundle will cost $150 (so presumably around £100 over here, perhaps) and will contain Resistance 3 (obviously), the Sharpshooter, a Move controller, a Nav and a Playstation Eye.

Seems like a decent deal to us.



  1. I already have all the move jazz, will they be doing a pack with just the gun and game?

  2. This might persuade me to finally buy Move. I’ve been on the fence for so long now

    • Me too, I usually just ‘borrow’ a friends when I want to use it,but I don’t know anyone with that gun.

      • The gun is amazing! Shouldn’t make as much difference as it does but reloading with the pump-action in KZ3 is far too much fun ;)

  3. Awesome. Move will be ace with this…

  4. Have all the Move stuff, but could be tempted by R3 Collectors edition and a sharpshooter…providing I can confirm it wouldnt result in divorce. “No dear its not just expensive plastic crap”…..thats not going to go well

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