Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Announced

Sony have just announced Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The game was teased with a CGI trailer containing some sneaking and some trademark Sly Cooper comedy. It’ll release next year sometime.

We’re certain this will make a lot of people deliriously happy after all this clamoring for a sequel, especially after Sly’s recent appearance in PlayStation Move: Heroes. Consider your wishes granted.



  1. Now if only Naughty Dog would bring back Jak and Dax! In the style of the first one, not 2 and 3. Please? :)

    • Yes, it’s simply criminal that J&D haven’t made a proper appearance this gen, i loved the first one too.

    • Now if only Naughty Dog would bring back Uncharted! In the style of the first one, not 2 and 3. Please? :)
      Yeah, that seems to be an issue with Naughty Dog. They make one game, then make 2 more that fans of the original dislike (Never played the Crash Bandicoot series, though) and then make a racing game based on the franchise.

      • Ignoring the fact that Uncharted 2 was a far better game than Uncharted and we’ve yet to play Uncharted 3….good point. Well made.

  2. fantastic, loved the trilogy, really should pick the HD remake up. But this is good news for me!

  3. more great news :)

  4. Which studio is working on this? I assume it’s not Suckerpunch, being busy with Infamous 2 and all…

  5. It’s been a long 6 years waiting…
    But WHY it is not being developed by Sucker Punch!?
    Sanzaru Games aren’t the ones that developed the Sly HD Collection?
    You will not destroy the franchise Sanzaru Games! Will you?
    Still, I LOVE SLY!
    And thanks Sony!

  6. Coolio!

  7. Thought that the trailer was great. The audience seemed happy when it came on the screen too.

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