Report: 34% Of Brits Buy Second-Hand Only

According to a recent poll hosted by MyVoucherCodes, 34% of British gamers will only buy second hand games, more than half of which have said that new releases are simply too expensive. 1,336 people were polled, another 14% only purchasing new games with 11% solely relying on gifts as their main source for video games. It was also reported that those who exclusively buy pre-owned titles spend around £210 on average every year, first hand buyers forking out £480.

As usual we advise taking a pinch of salt with these findings. It’s unclear how the study was carried out, though we assume it was an open poll available directly from the researcher’s website or issued via e-mail to newsletter subscribers. In either case it has to be mentioned that MyVoucherCodes is a website centred around providing visitors with discount codes for numerous online retailers, therefore the poll audience may not be entirely representative.

Source: Press Release



  1. I only buy brand new, never ever buy preowned, dont trust other people with game discs weirdly

    • Same here, I have this strange idea that second hand games are somehow far worse than, for example, second hand books, which I’ll buy quite readily. It’s maybe because in the past I’ve bought scratched second hand PS2 games that won’t work. I’m sure nowadays things are better, but I still only buy new games.

      • i’ve had preowned games that were perfect.
        if the original owner takes care of the game it should be in the same condition it was when they bought it, minus the new game smell, hmmm, almondy.

        most stores won’t take scratched discs these days anyway.

        with the dozens and dozens of preowned games i’ve bought, most not even from store but at car boot sales and the like, i’ve only ever got a handful that were too scratched to work.
        and that includes a lot of ps1 games that are the best part of a decade old.

        and on rare occasions i’ve got scratched disc in new games, it can happen when discs comes loose in transit or when the store takes them out of the case and keeps them in a drawer.
        though getting damaged like that is pretty rare.

        though i did once get a disc with a bit of tape stuck on the play side, really sticky stuff that left a gunky mess after i took it off.

      • I must say, I have never bought a second-hand game this gen that hasn’t worked. I don’t know if the discs are more sturdy, or the shops are more careful, but second-games are very reliable. The manuals on the other hand, who knows what bodily fluids those sticky pages contain…

  2. I rarely buy 2nd hand (probably 3 times a year)
    Most of my games are Day 1 or a week all brand new!
    There was a poll for the PSM3 magazines on how average do you spend on gaming, pre-ordering, and how often you buy games etc….
    There must be a lot of Poll going on over the week.
    By the way did I missed the article about the Poll on buying games and the Online Pass System was going to read that but seen one sice the Poll on Online Pass?

  3. I buy a lot of games second hand but only for older generations of consoles because I am a bit of a retro collector and have no other option. For this generations, I have all three consoles, I exclusively buy new. The second-hand market isn’t even that much cheaper for the games people want when talking about the current gen and I like supporting good developers.

  4. Games are too expensive, so i only buy the really good ones brand new, or if they are cheap and i can’t find a second hand copy for cheaper. Funnily though i am more likely to buy 2nd hand in store, and new online, just because of trust.

    I think ive personally brought 5 games brand new this year, and around 10/15 second hand.

  5. I buy both, first hand for myself. And no not 2nd hand for other people lmao, I buy 2nd hand games to trade in, especially if gamestop has their 3 old games and £5 for any new release offer on.

  6. Would love to buy everything brand new but alas my budget doesn’t allow me to do so anymore. A game has to be really special for me to spend over 10quid on it so I usually opt for pre-owned so I don’t have to wait quite as long for a price drop ;)

  7. I’d like to know more about their figures. If you buy preowned in a Game store you’re probably paying more than someone buying new online. This press release suggests second-hand buyers are more financially savvy, but they are not necessarily technologically so.

  8. These kind of figures emphasise why online passes have been brought in. Rightly or wrongly, the devs are trying to get some money out of those 34%.

    • Yup.
      I’d never have thought the figure for those who buy second-hand ONLY would be that high.
      When you factor in the amount of people who buy a mix of new and second-hand (my group), what percentage of total game sales are second-hand?

    • who says they have any right to any money from those 34%?

      what right do they have to profit from the somebody else selling their own property

      • I’m in the same boat as colmshan1990. I buy most of my games new and grab the occasional game that I missed or was too busy to play when it came out secondhand. It would be a real shame if more dev studios had to close down because people now only buy secondhand so I’d rather have them get a fraction of the price from people who buy secondhand than see them close the studio down completely. If there is no new game then there won’t be a game that you can buy from someone else.

      • but how many people sell games to buy new ones?
        a lot i’d wager.

        if they get rid of preowned alltogether like some of them seem to want to, i have no doubt whatsoever the industry would be worse off.

        i don’t want to see studios close down, but i don’t see that i should subsidise their failures either.

        times are tough for everybody, why should gaming publishers get what they’re not entitled to just because things aren’t as rosy as they were, and gaming has had it better than most industries by the way.
        with the preowned market alongside.

      • Publisher/Dev A doesn’t make a Buck if you sell a game from publisher/dev B to buy a preowned copy of game A. I get what you mean but I also understand the publishers/devs. If I like their work I will support them with my purchase.

  9. I mostly buy new, picking up the odd ps2 game or ps3 games which i think i won’t really get into.

  10. I nearly always buy second-hand, and the average spending over the year shows why. Online passes do encourage me to buy new (if I can’t find a second-hand one with an unused pass), but I will wait for the price to drop to second-hand rates anyway. About the only thing that encourages me to buy new on release is a good pre-order bonus.

    • Yup – Me too.

      I much prefer the ‘additional extras’ for buying new rather than the dev/pub trying to punish 2nd hand users with online passes.

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