Trophy World 7/1/10

Welcome to the first Trophy World of 2010! It seems everything went dead last week, with not a single trophy list posted at all. I have a good feeling next week will have some goodies, but unfortunately, I have nothing to share this week.

I’ve tallied the votes for the Trophy World awards, and I’ve put the top 3 of each category, along with the number of votes and the game it belongs to in brackets. We’ve had lots of ties, so I’ve put them in the order of my personal choice in each category. So, sit back and see what people thought of 2009’s trophies!

  • Easiest Individual Trophy

It’s HAZARD TIME!/ Start your first game. – 2 votes (Eat Lead)
The Birth of an Assassin/ Be reborn as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.- 2 votes (Assassin’s Creed II)
Happy Holiday!/ Play SingStar on Christmas Day – 1 vote (Singstar)

  • Hardest Individual Trophy

Freeflow Gold/ Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges – 1 vote (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
I’ll Take the Physical Challenge / Complete the Challenge of the Gods – 1 vote (God of War: Collection)
The Butcher/ Kill 50 characters in 5 seconds – 1 vote (Prototype)

  • Funniest Trophy

Two Cups One Girl/ Win two team events with the same female team-mate – 2 votes (DiRT 2)
Rockin’ the Boat / Complete the Sex Mini-Game – 2 votes (God of War: Collection)
Pint and a Shag/ You got lucky with Skylar. – 2 votes (The Saboteur)

  • Easiest Platinum

Terminator Salvation – 7 votes (!)
Uncharted 2 – 1 vote
Burnout Paradise – 1 vote

  • Hardest Platinum

Killzone 2 – 2 votes
Demon’s Souls – 1 vote
Ghostbusters – 1 vote

  • Most Time-Consuming Trophy List

Dragon Age: Origins – 2 votes
Demon’s Souls – 1 vote
Brutal Legend – 1 vote

  • Cheapest Trophy List

Burnout Paradise – 2 votes
DJ Hero – 2 votes
Fallout 3 – 2 votes

  • Most Money-Friendly Platinum

Burnout Paradise – 4 votes
Terminator Salvation – 2 votes
WipEout HD – 2 votes

  • Most Creative Trophy List

Assassin’s Creed II – 3 votes
Flower – 3 votes
Gravity Crash – 1 vote

  • Most Boring Trophy List

Uncharted 2 – 5 votes
Modern Warfare 2 – 2 votes
Need For Speed SHIFT – 1 vote

  • Trophy List of the Year

Assassin’s Creed 2 – 2 votes
Gravity Crash – 1 vote
God of War Collection – 1 vote

  • Trophy of the Year

Rockin’ the Boat / Complete the Sex Mini-Game – 4 votes (God of War: Collection)
Pint and a Shag/ You got lucky with Skylar. – 2 votes (The Saboteur)
Dream/ Beyond all flowers lies another room. – 1 vote (Flower)

Well there you go. Many great games (and trophies) there, and I hope you enjoyed our little award ceremony! Before I finish, I have one more thing to ask: is there anything you would like to see in Trophy World? As long as it’s reasonable, I’ll try doing my best to incorporate it into the feature. It amazes me just how long I’ve been doing this, and it’s all to please you, so please give me any feedback you may have! See you next week, I hope the snow subsides there and you get some Heavy Rain…