Heavy Rain Release Date

The latest issue of Sony’s digital magazine Qore has revealed the US release date for Heavy Rain. The title will be out on February 16th and if you don’t believe us, examiner have the screenshot here. The special edition, which is exclusive to HMV and won’t be released in America, is available for release on HMVs website on the 26th of February. Though let’s be honest, when have retailers ever actually been right about a release date before it’s been officially announced?

Also, as a word of warning, our dearly beloved CC_Star witnessed some rather unfortunate spoilers when watching the Japanese trailer which is currently making the rounds, so if you want to keep your experience as fresh as possible, we say avoid it. Spoilers are actually worse than patches, which are already one of the most horrendous things ever, so if you do have any to share, please just be greedy and keep them to yourself.