God Of War III: Leaked Scans

Appearing on a N4G forum, there are some new God of War III pictures from a Japanese magazine that someone has kindly taken the time to scan and show the world.

Kratos’ 3rd PS3 outing is shaping up to be one hell of an epic adventure and the playable demo was evidence of that. Poseidon appears in the first set of screens in what looks like a breathtaking encounter with our bald, blade-wielding protagonist.



The second set of screens shows Kratos facing off against all manner of foes including a rather large enemy with an equally large hammer. As someone points out in the forum this could be the Greek God Hephaestus, a grotesque God who oversaw everyone from Blacksmiths to Sculptors and Craftsmen to Volcanoes! Hephaestus hasn’t appeared or been mentioned in GoW yet so now might be his time; although this is speculation, of course.


March can not come soon enough.