SCEE Experiment With New PSN ‘Beta’

Beta.  It’s clear that few people at Sony know what it means, but that doesn’t stop them banding it around everytime there’s a new PS3 game – it’s the new buzzword, didn’t you know?  Anyway, the latest ‘beta’ to roll off the proverbial tongue is a public version of the ModNation Racers one that’s already done the rounds in a top, super secret closed beta that I’m sure everyone that took part in fed back to SCEE on a regular basis.

Ahem.  So, right, this new one – it’s ‘open’, public, whatever, but there’s only going to be 100,000 copies available.  Well, it’s a download, but you know what I mean – once 100,000 people have downloaded the beta, which will appear on the 22nd of January, that’s it until the game is released properly.  The demo, sorry, beta will have four tracks, lots of Create mode functionality and will run until Valentine’s Day, 14th of February.