Lionhead Working On Third Unannounced Title

With Fable III due to make its first official appearance at an event in San Francisco next month, and a certain Milo and Kate taking up a lot of the Surrey-based developer’s time, you’d assume the studio would have enough on their plate at the moment. Not so it would seem as, according to a recent job listing, Lionhead are currently on the look out for Network Engineer to work on an “unannounced title.”

Nothing is known about the secret title, but if you have the networking chops, do apply and then send us the scoop if your application is successful. We promise not to blow the whistle on you.


Speaking of Fable III, some concept art for the third chapter of the much-adored series appeared over at IGN recently. 1 of 4 is here as a taster. Follow the rabbit down the hole for the rest.

Fable III

Alt Sources: CVG & VG247