Battlefield: Bad Company 2 To Get Demo

We’ve been following the first strong attack on the Call of Duty franchise since it was announced, and although I personally haven’t tried the current multiplayer beta doing the rounds I’m told it’s the bee’s knees.  Loved the first Bad Company (especially the destruction) so i’m hoping EA can wring something special out of the bag for the sequel.

Anyway, it looks like the game will be getting a demo, going by the latest blog from the development tea.  In amongst all the talk regarding the massive number of fixes actioned from feedback from the beta (see, that’s how you do a beta, Sony) there’s mention of a PC beta and a console demo, although it’s not clear which console and the date is ‘TBD’.  Still, it’s coming.


The game itself is out at the beginning of March.

Thanks, w3r3w0lf.