New Yakuza 4 Trailer Has Prison Breaks, Japanese

We might be gearing up for our first Yakuza PS3 experience in the West in a couple of months, but Japan are already getting ready for the next chapter in the series – Yakuza 4. A new trailer has surfaced showing off some impressive visuals and a story that is bound to enthrall those luck Japanese this summer.

For the gaijin out there, the trailer depicts a down on his luck money-lender (Akiyama Shun), who becomes embroiled in the murky and dangerous world of the Yakuza.

We also get a look at Seijima Taiga, a convict who once killed eighteen Yakuza twenty-five years ago, who has just broken out of prison and begins to threaten the delicate balance of organised crime in Japan once again. My favourite scene in the trailer is undoubtedly when new character “Lili” walks in and asks for 100 million yen. Apparently she’s the “key” to the entire story. Sō desu ne ….

Thanks VG247