Heavy Rain Developer Will Experiment With Wand In Near Future

Though missing the proverbial boat with Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream’s David Cage has revealed that the French studio have firm plans to experiment with Sony’s new motion controller in future games. Speaking to Destructoid, Cage signifies that motion is already a key element in Heavy Rain, discussing how the interface is based around an intuitive movement system.

“Motion already plays a major role in Heavy Rain. In fact, the entire interface is designed around motion and physical immersion. I am curious to see what can be done with more mature games, if it can be used to support immersion and create a new way of playing. Quantic Dream will definitely experiment with the Wand in the near future.”

Check out the original article for some other comments; including Cage’s impressions of the Wii and just how much is too much when it comes to incorporating physical exertion into a game. There are also some interesting titbits about how Heavy Rain uses motion, such as some Sixaxis tooth-brushing action. We can’t wait to get our floss on.


Heavy Rain hits next month, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.