Industry Predicts PlayStation 3 As 2010’s Most Successful Platform

Regardless of whether you own a PlayStation 3 or a Xbox 360, 2010 is set to be one hell of a year for gamers in general. We here at TSA have talked about it many a time and our very own Kovacs compiled a very comprehensive list of things to come in 2010, but, according to a survey, people from all over the industry are predicting that the PlayStation 3 will be this year’s most successful platform.

With highly anticipated exclusives such as Heavy Rain, GT5 and God of War III to name but a few, and the introduction of a new motion-controlled peripheral, 34% of those surveyed said that the PS3 will come out on top. When the same survey was carried out last year, only 16.4% of those surveyed backed the PS3.


Sony’s motion device will obviously be facing stiff competition from Microsoft and their Natal device but if the current release schedules are to be believed and accepted then Sony will have a few months head start before Natal is launched this Christmas. But the Xbox 360 wasn’t exactly far behind Sony; it took 29.9% of votes.

Activision Blizzard are predicted to be the most successful publisher of 2010 with EA trailing behind in second and Sony sit at fourth place behind Nintendo.

They do not state how many of their 10,000+ members partook in the survey.