Consoles Help iPlayer Reach 100 Million Requests

Ever since its inclusion in the PlayStation’s FW3.0 update in September 2009, the BBC’s on demand service – iPlayer – has seen a massive number of requests coming from Sony’s console.

Shortly after the launch on the PS3 the BBC said that it had become the second most popular platform after the PC with which to access the iPlayer. At that time it accounted for 10% of the TV service’s traffic.

The BBC iPlayer was also incoporated into the Wii in November and now 1 in 8 requests for the free-of-charge service are coming from either a Wii or a PS3 and this has helped in generating well over 100 million requests in total. This equates to a 74% increase in the use of iPlayer from consoles.

The iPlayer has yet to become available to Xbox 360 owners due to the charge that Microsoft put on accessing its Live service; the charge goes against the BBC’s policy of offering the iPlayer free-of-charge for all licence payers.

Do you use the iPlayer from your PS3 or have you yet to utilise it?