Heavy Rain Rated Mature By ESRB

Unlike Quantic Dream’s previous offerings, full-on sex scenes will not feature as part of the upcoming Heavy Rain. Rated over at the ESRB (and given a Mature classification), as is the tradition of all classifications, a comprehensive run-down of any contentious material is highlighted.

Though the game does contain both female and male nudity, those hoping for a sex-minigame (press triangle to grope etc.) will be sorely disappointed. The description is extensive and provides details some may deem as spoilerific; especially when discussing the violence in the game. So, we’ll stick to the less revealing naughty bits.


For example: the game’s love-scene entails kissing and rubbing, while shower scenes reveal a naked male buttocks or similar (plus breasts) for the female character. Though all very titillating, when it comes to the stronger stuff, the classification states:

[…] a woman briefly appears topless amidst the dark shadows and heavy breathing—actual sex is never depicted as the camera fades to black.

It’s also interesting to note that the game’s classification makes special mention of the game’s “highly evolved motion-capture graphics (advanced renderings by 2010 standards)” which “sharpen the sense of realism, increasing the impact of some aspects of pertinent content (the nudity, blood, violence, etc.).”

Of course, it should come as little shock that Heavy Rain’s sensual side is not as full-on as what some may have previously expected. After all, the game recently received a 15 certificate from the BBFC (though films with the same classification can show sex-scenes – as long as they’re not too explicit), and Quantic Dream’s David Cage has recently come out stating quite unequivocally that Heavy Rain is “not porn.”

It looks like if you want to see a more graphic Quantic Dream sex-scene, you’ll need to hunt down a copy of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy (warning: video may not be safe for work.)